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India & Other Nations Would Have to Fight Against Terrorists in Afghanistan

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Deanna Wagner | 22 August, 2019, 20:20

Mr. Trump said that the US was fighting the terrorists in Afghanistan despite being 7,000 miles away, while India and Pakistan were not doing so even after being next door. Very, very little. It's not fair. "So, at a certain point, other countries and that includes Russian Federation and it includes Iran and Turkey and Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and India", he added.

On Wednesday, President Trump sent a stern message to European leaders: if the countries from which captured ISIS fighters came don't take them back, he'll air drop them into Europe.

"At a certain point, Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, they are going to have to fight their battles too", Trump said at the White House.

The United States and Iran share an interest in ensuring that a departure of the more than 20,000 US-led foreign troops does not plunge Afghanistan into a civil war that restores the Taliban's harsh version of Islamic rule, and does not allow al Qaeda or other Sunni Muslim extremist groups to expand there. "We are fighting it", Donald Trump complained to reporters on Wednesday. Considering 18 years since 2001, the United States President wants other countries to step up and contribute to fighting against terrorism.

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Trump said that the United States under him has decimated ISIS.

In Afghanistan, a deal between the Taliban and the United States for U.S. forces to withdraw could drive some die-hard Taliban fighters into the arms of Islamic State, Afghan officials and militants say. "I don't think so". We don't want them.' Even though they came from France and Germany and other places.

Trump's comments came a day after he indicated that the USA forces is now not going to thoroughly withdraw from the warn-torn Afghanistan and The United States can bear "anyone there" to verify that Taliban does now not earn alter. Trump has also been suspicious of Pakistan, saying last year that "they don't do a damn thing for us" despite receiving more than a billion dollars in aid a year. "We haven't been hearing much about IS". While he did not explain how the war that began almost two decades ago when the United States invaded Afghanistan had become its neighbors' battle to fight, he hinted that it could easily become a problem for them if they didn't help keep the terrorists in check. "And Europe has to take them", he said. We've got thousands of them. Everyone went insane. They said do 100 per cent.

The Kurdish YPG - the US' main ally in the four-year fight against ISIS, but a group that the Turks consider to be a terror organisation - now holds over 10,000 ISIS fighters as prisoners, including 2,000 foreigners, at the Al-Hol camp in northern Syria.