Friday, 06 December, 2019

Nightdive is Working on System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition

Nightdive is Working on System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition Nightdive is Working on System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition
Cecil Davis | 13 August, 2019, 11:15

Other than the title of System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition and the promise that it's "coming soon" there isn't much in the way of details - however, in a follow-up tweet, Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick promised at least one feature: "working/stable multiplayer for a start!"

System Shock 2 is about to get a brand new coat of paint as Nightdive Studios announce a brand new enhanced edition of the cult horror classic. The recent Turok and Blood remasters were down to them, for example. The System Shock: Enhanced Edition released in 2015 supported higher resolutions, adapted the game into a new engine, supported newer graphics cards, added support for mods, and fixed loads of bugs.

In an announcement on Twitter, the developer said: "You asked for it and we are working on it". It's the 20th anniversary of System Shock 2 this year, and it's getting a very special re-release.

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System Shock 2 was originally developed by Irrational Games and Looking Glass Studios, with famed game designer Ken Levine at the helm. It could be as simple as a 4K PC re-release, or it could be as ambitious as a multi-platform relaunch for one of the best sci-fi games of all time.

System Shock 2 was a hugely influential game. By 2020 (or maybe 2021), fans of the series will likely be able to sink their teeth into the System Shock remake, Enhanced Edition of System Shock 2, and perhaps even System Shock 3.