Friday, 06 December, 2019

Nike rolls out a subscription service for kids’ sneakers

Nike rolls out a subscription service for kids’ sneakers Nike rolls out a subscription service for kids’ sneakers
Ginger Lawrence | 13 August, 2019, 21:31

"One mother said that between driving her kids to soccer practice and music class, she just didn't have the time to go to the mall to buy a new pair of shoes", he says. Nike brought on 10,000 families from its customer base to test it out, and ultimately found that the parents most interested in this program were people who valued convenience and time over price.

The big challenge, he admitted, was helping parents get the right shoe for kids with constantly growing feet without trips to the mall or a series of mailed returns. Customers can choose what style they want, from performance shoes for sport to casual everyday sneakers, and they can also skip months and easily swap sneakers if they don't fit or their kid doesn't like them.

Nike said there are more than 100 varieties of shoes to choose from on the Adventure Club website, including Converse sneakers.

Bottom line: The program serves kids from sizes 4C through 7Y (roughly from age two to 10).

Nike is getting into the subscription game for the first time - and it's all for the kids.

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How much is Nike Adventure Club?

Shoes arrive in a personalized box and come with "exclusive adventure guides" that offer ideas for outdoor activities.

This new adventure club removes the hassle of shopping for parents and invites kids to start an adventure. There are three subscription tiers to choose from, ranging from four pairs to 12 pairs a year, with pricing ranging from $20 a month to $50 a month. The guides are a collaborative partnership between Nike and KaBoom, a national nonprofit focused on encouraging kids to lead active, healthy lifestyles.

Instead of targeting the shoe-obsessed like you might initially expect, Nike is positioning its new subscription service as the flawless solution for parents with growing children. A huge number of companies out there are now offering monthly subscriptions, covering everything from streaming to food and even dog toys.