Sunday, 15 December, 2019

Teenage Fortnite World Champion "Swatted" On Stream

Cecil Davis | 13 August, 2019, 14:13

Swatting is the extremely unsafe practice of making a false report of current or imminent violence to the police, causing them to show up at a location armed and prepared for a confrontation.

Giersdorf, 16, was in the middle of playing "Fortnite Arena Trios" with some friends when he stepped away for several minutes to deal with the cops. Stream sniping can make a livestreamer's attempts to play a game extremely aggravating, but by far the most terrifying thing that can happen to a streamer is being swatted - as the Fortnite world champ discovered last night.

Giersdorf, 16, won the $3m (£2.4m) top solo prize at the Fortnite World Cup in NY last month.

"I got swatted?" Bugha asked his father before leaving his gaming setup and going AFK, much to the dismay of his teammates. He said that luckily one of the responding officers lived in his neighborhood and knew the family.

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A clip of the stream shows Giersdorf abruptly exit the camera's view, indicating the moment his father alerted him to the armed police at the door.

"They come in with guns, bro", Bugha said.

Werner said that police believe that the call came from Europe. Since winning the Fortnite tournament and walking away with an wonderful $3 million (£2.4 million), Bugha has already faced hackers targeting his social media accounts - but this is the first (and hopefully only) time he's been swatted. The call led to the 2017 death of 28-year-old Andrew Finch. "That's scary. The internet's f--ing insane". It's risky; in 2017 a 28-year-old Kansas man was shot and killed in a swatting incident after someone made false reports of a hostage situation. An officer shot and killed Finch - who was not involved in the dispute - when he opened the door to his home.