Sunday, 05 April, 2020

Warren Catches Up to Biden in New National Poll

Warren Catches Up to Biden in New National Poll Warren Catches Up to Biden in New National Poll
Deanna Wagner | 18 August, 2019, 14:23

Former President Barack Obama and his running mate turned gaffe-prone 2020 Democratic hopeful Joe Biden apparently have a complicated relationship.

Biden stands at 21 percent support, while Warren is right behind him at 20 percent, up four points from last week, according to the latest national Economist-YouGov poll.

Notably, Biden and independent Senator Bernie Sanders registered as two of the most all-or-nothing candidates, those whose supporters were much more inclined to say their enthusiasm did not extend to anyone else.

Warren has also risen to second place among likely Iowa caucus voters, polling at 19 percent behind Biden's 28 percent, while Sanders falls well behind them at 9 percent, according to a new Monmouth University poll.

Biden has a 39% approval rating, with a 45% disapproval rating.

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According to The Hill, the new poll "comes as Warren continues to outpace Sanders, the other progressive in the race, and move closer to Biden in other polls".

Polls in the lead-up to the election also overwhelmingly predicted Trump would lose handily to former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The New York Times published a profile on Friday, August 16, which attempted to explain why Obama has remained conspicuously mum on his former VP's presidential campaign.

"Mr. Biden was speaking on education and the need to challenge students at a town hall hosted by the Asian & Latino Coalition in Des Moines when he made the remark, and then quickly sought to recover from it", the report states. Nonetheless this is a very positive development for the Warren campaign - and cause for serious concern for the Biden team.

The first primary elections will be held February 3, 2019.