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Apple Arcade launched for a monthly subscription of Rs 99

Google Play Pass App Apple Arcade launched for a monthly subscription of Rs 99
Cecil Davis | 11 September, 2019, 20:27

Google Play Pass, the app and game subscription service from Google, could launch at any moment. It was then reported on by Android Police earlier this year, when Google started testing it with a select group of users.

Google Play tweeted about its new free pass for the users to enjoy a whole range of ad-free apps and games.

Google Play Pass is an upcoming subscription service that will give users access to a range of games and apps that would typically need to be bought at the Google Play Store.

Much as it is hard to not get excited about such a development, for those of us in Kenya, the places that Google and its types (especially Google) usually treat as afterthoughts, we might have to wait until the service is made official for us to know whether to be excited or not.

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Google's acquisition of ad tech companies over the years allowed it to build a network of products across the advertising market . The announcement confirms last week's reports about the bipartisan antitrust probe into Google's advertising practices.

Apple is under pressure to make more money out of subscription services instead, according to IDC. Back in March this year, Apple launched its game streaming platform called Apple Arcade featuring more than 100 games. Apple is likely to choose the iPhone launch event as the venue for the launch of Apple Arcade. Rs. 360) monthly. Google Play Pass, quite similar to Apple Arcade, will offer a large library of games ready to download and play for one monthly fee. Several premium apps like Spotify could potentially come under the Play Pass, thus widening the umbrella of services it can provide. This seems to be the ideal timing from Google's end to officially announce the service as Apple is all set to announce new iPhones and probably new services and features for Apple Arcade today at the Apple Special Event.

While Google has not mentioned any specific timeframe for the service to arrive or what it would be priced at, the earlier leaked screenshots had suggested $4.99 price tag. We have seen this on the Xbox Game Pass, as games become older and less popular they are removed from the list to keep the entire selection of titles in the subscription more appealing.

This service has been renamed to "Google Play Services for AR" and will be installed automatically on eligible devices.

Google Play Pass was first reported back in October past year.