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Apple's alleged Tile competitor leaked in new photo

Apple'Find My iPhone service Apple's alleged Tile competitor leaked in new photo
Cecil Davis | 02 September, 2019, 16:28

Apple is reportedly working on smart tracking tags to compete with Tile and Samsung's SmartThings tracker.

It has been a persistent rumor that Apple is working on a new accessory: a Tile-like tracker that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and can be attached to any object and tracked with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The tags will also be closely integrated with the new Find My app in iOS 13. And, in fact, the internal iOS 13 build introduces a new "Items" tab in the app, alongside People and Devices. The hints for something similar being in the works was spotted in April earlier this year, but proof has since been found in internal iOS 13 builds.

Several sources have suggested that Apple was planning to release its own augmented reality glasses as early as next year, with other reports suggesting Apple would launch a new operating system called rOS, created to serve as an augmented reality hub for iOS apps. If an item is lost, users could place a tag into "Lost Mode" that will deliver a notification with its location when another iPhone user passes near it.

Apple recently kicked off augmented reality art sessions through the Apple Store, four months after naming a senior executive to head up its AR marketing efforts. As well, the app is said to also feature the option of sharing an item's location with family and friends.

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A clever feature of the device seems to be the use of AR. If another iPhone user find that lost item, they will be able to view contact info for the item's owner.

"Tag your everyday items with B389 and never lose them again", reads one of the strings. You can choose for the tag to start emitting an audio chime so you could locate the lost item, which is an upgrade over Tile's simplistic yet useful functionality. That suggests that it may run on small, circular button-cell batteries (which will be user-replaceable) rather than rechargeable ones.

Moreover, the README file also suggests that Apple is developing an augmented reality device codenamed as Garta.