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Average Malaysian needs one month's salary to afford iPhone 11 Pro

Average Malaysian needs one month's salary to afford iPhone 11 Pro Average Malaysian needs one month's salary to afford iPhone 11 Pro
Cary Erickson | 11 September, 2019, 15:23

Following up on the success of the iPhone XR, Apple unveiled the iPhone 11 this morning that sports a new aluminum and glass body and two incredible rear cameras that could make it the most attractive iPhone to most people.

Picodi's study compares the average wage in selected countries with the announced price of an iPhone 11 Pro (64GB) in those countries, in order to count the number of working days required to buy the phone.

The iPhone 11 will come in white, yellow, black, red, as well as the new purple and green colours.

But Apple is coming into a market that Netflix practically created in 2007 - around the same time as the first iPhone came out - and now has more than 150 million subscribers, so it needed to do something extraordinary to make a big splash. In the USA, preorder begin on 13 September, with the phones being available on 20 September.

"(Apple) just added one more camera lens and called it a new feature, meanwhile it is still too pricey", said a user on South Korea's web portal.

The newest iPhone is finally here and it's more colorful than ever.

Apple delivered the news Tuesday while also unveiling three new iPhones that won't look much different than last year's model other than boasting an additional camera for taking pictures from extra-wide angles. According to Drance, the iPhone 11 comes in 6 colours and adds more festures for photo-lovers. While this will be unpopular with some, I was happy to see that the bump itself is transparent, which helps it blend in with the rest of the phone.

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We knew we had to win this game in order to qualify for the quarter-finals. "Well, Giannis said something to me, really". New Zealand rallied in the final minutes, with four players tallying double figures, but it was too little, too late.

Overall, despite the Apple event being once more very slick, we are once more left with the impression that the new iPhone 11 Pro is not a huge jump forward in terms of technology. And even though the iPhone 11 doesn't have the same pro-level setup as its pricier counterpart, it's managed some impressive upgrades. These variants can rise to $1,349 (£1,399) for the 512GB iPhone 11 Pro, and $1,449 (£1,499) for the 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max.

This dual-camera system will be comprised of wide and ultra-wide cameras.

But the main marketing drive for the new phones was the cameras: a new superwide camera alongside the normal camera that users can switch between. The iPhone 11 Pro range is also available in a hefty 256GB and 512GB storage configuration, however there is no 128GB model this year. Furthermore, Apple has said that the new Iphone's battery will be an improvement on previous editions. The design - apart from the camera set up - remains more or less same which Apple had with the iPhone XS and XS Max.

The new iPhones will have a timely entry in India one month ahead in festive season. Depending how dark your surroundings are, the camera start a one, three, or five-second timer to let you know how long to hold the phone still for during the shot.

That's cheaper than Netflix's most-popular $US13-per-month plan.

The fact that Apple again changed its naming scheme with the iPhone 11 should be enough to tell you about just how important the phone is.