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British lawmakers reject holding snap elections ahead of Brexit

Boris Johnson Boris Johnson
Deanna Wagner | 10 September, 2019, 15:05

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday did not power a snap election amid the rising disaster over Brexit - earlier than getting ready to droop Parliament for greater than a month.

However Johnson did not safe the two-thirds of Parliament wanted to set off an election, with many members abstaining from the vote.

The new legislation demands that the government ask the European Union for a three month extension of the departure deadline, unless it can win lawmakers' approval of a divorce deal by mid-October.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has succeeded in his plan to suspend Britain's rebellious Parliament for five weeks, but he has achieved little else in his first prolonged jousting with legislators determined to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

After the result was announced, Johnson said the government will press on and negotiate a deal, while being prepared to leave the European Union without one.

It is normal for new governments to suspend Parliament, but the length and timing of the prorogation in this case has sparked controversy.

"I will not ask for another delay", he said Monday.

He said: "The people on the other side of the house who think they have been very clever tonight by resisting a general election can not hide forever from the judgement of the people".

The Prime Minister said: "No matter how many devices this Parliament invents to tie my hands I will try to get an agreement in the national interest".

Speaking to the PA news agency before a No To No Deal rally in Glasgow on Monday, Mr Brown said: "I think the truth is, no-deal is a risk to medical supplies, food supplies, a risk to the components that are coming in for British industry, it puts jobs at risk and he's not wanting that to be debated".

Asked about the situation in the Commons, Mr Johnson said: 'We will come out on October 31, and I'm sure that parliamentarians will see the wisdom of doing that and honouring the referendum result'.

According to pro-Brexit Tory MP Nigel Evans the government is war-gaming "about 20" different ways it can get around having to seek an extension.

House of Commons
MPs pack the Commons

The government said a revised version of Yellowhammer will be released, but is understood to be against publishing the proroguing information.

The Prime Minister, who was in Dublin for talks with Irish premier Leo Varadkar, said he believed it was possible to secure an agreement ahead of the UK's scheduled departure at the end of October.

And Jeremy Corbyn's backers hope for a repeat of the surge in support that Labour saw in the 2017 general election.

Johnson and Varadkar said they had "a positive and constructive meeting", but there was no breakthrough on the issue of the Irish border, the main stumbling block to a Brexit deal.

Pro EU protestors wave flags opposite parliament in London on Monday.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the lengthly suspension was for the Prime Minister to avoid scrutiny over his Brexit plans and he would not walk into "traps laid by this Prime Minister" in allowing a general election.

It would "consider the implications of this vote and respond in due course", according to a government statement.

"We are open to alternatives, but they must be realistic ones, legally binding and workable, and we haven't received such proposals to date".

So the premier must find a way around the law, or work to get a Brexit deal through Parliament.

After their first meeting since Johnson became prime minister in July, the United Kingdom and Irish leaders said they'd had "a positive and constructive meeting", but there was no breakthrough on the issue of the Irish border, the main stumbling block to a Brexit deal.

In a day of high drama in the Commons in which the Speaker John Bercow announced his intention to stand down next month, MPs also demanded the Government publish communications connected to prorogation and no-deal Brexit planning.

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