Thursday, 28 January, 2021

Colombia tribunal orders arrest of 4 FARC leaders who rearm

Houses in Medillin Colombia Houses in Medillin Colombia
Deanna Wagner | 02 September, 2019, 14:41

A video released on August 29, 2019, shows former senior commander Ivan Marquez (C) and fugitive rebel colleague, Jesus Santrich (wearing sunglass), of the dissolved FARC rebel army group in Colombia, announcing they are taking up arms again.

Rodrigo Londono, leader of the FARC party, rejected Marquez's announcement. In the short term, he said, Colombia could see "an uptick in kidnapping of wealthy people or people who are perceived to belong to a landowning and oligarchic class, and an uptick in terrorist incidents in urban spaces where wealthy people and affluent people frequent".

Mr. Marin, widely known by his alias Ivan Marquez, attributed the death and violence to "the indifference and the indolence of the state".

Marquez said his forces would coordinate with Colombia's last active rebel group, the National Liberation Army (ELN), "and those comrades who have not folded up their flags".

"Nevertheless the Farc political party and the vast majority of Farc members who signed up to the peace agreement still remain fully committed to the agreement and the reincorporation process", Mr Dodwell said.

Today, Colombian troops killed nine FARC rebels in a raid, and described it as a clear message for FARC members who want to walk away from the peace deal.

Peace Commissioner Miguel Ceballos said Marquez's plans would not "in any way affect" the implementation of the peace deal.

Some reintegrated and went back to their families, while others kept their weapons and regrouped, working in drug trafficking, illegal mining, or attacking the military.

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"I have ordered the creation of a special unit for the pursuit of these criminals, with reinforced capacities in intelligence, investigation and mobility in all of Colombian territory", Duque said in a taped statement.

"The country needs to be conscious that there was no peace process, but a pardon to some people responsible for atrocious crimes", tweeted former president Alvaro Uribe, who campaigned against the peace deal.

On July 13 Timochenko apologizes to victims of FARC abductions, during the first trials of guerrilla chiefs under the peace deal.

The country's post-conflict tribunal, the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP), which investigates war crimes, called Marquez's announcement a "serious" blow to the peace process.

"Whoever rearms will be expelled", Linares said.

President Ivan Duque was elected on a platform to change parts of the deal, but has failed to get congressional or judicial support to do so.

Luciano Marin - known by the nom de guerre Ivan Marquez - stood among a group of 20 heavily armed FARC members, including other prominent leaders, and condemned the killing in the past two years of more than 500 left-wing community leaders and 150 former fighters. Making common cause with dissidents and the ELN will help force high-level cooperation between factions even though violent clashes between local elements over resources are likely to continue.