Thursday, 20 February, 2020

Federal election campaign underway with leaders in Ontario, Quebec and B.C.

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NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is in London, launch his party's campaign, while Green Leader Elizabeth May is joining candidates for an early-morning rally in Victoria, B.C.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the announcement on Wednesday in Ottawa shortly after a meeting with Governor General Julie Payette at Rideau Hall.

This first-day visit on Trudeau's campaign trail sends a strong message to British Columbians, whose province will be a hot spot this election, according to University of British Columbia Political Science professor Richard Johnston.

Trudeau won a majority government in 2015 with 184 of the 338 seats in the House of Commons.

Before jumping on his own campaign plane this morning, a fired-up Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said the SNC-Lavalin story showcases his belief that Trudeau has lost the moral authority to govern.

Volunteers on all campaigns have been reporting to their headquarters that the key issue for this campaign will be who can convincingly promise to make voters' lives more affordable.

Over the summer, the rival parties have been honing their message, focusing on the economy and cost-of-living.

The achievements of the Liberals' four years in office included legalizing marijuana, boosting the number of refugees resettled in the country, renegotiating NAFTA, and finalizing trade deals with the European Union and Pacific nations.

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Asked what his government is hiding, Trudeau says his office gave the largest waiver of cabinet confidences in Canadian history but added anything more.

Dion also noted that he too was obstructed by the Privy Council Office from interviewing nine witnesses for his scathing Trudeau II report.

The purchase of the pipeline brought with it wide criticism from environmental groups and Indigenous communities alike.

The Conservatives have bounced around the country too, lashing out at the Liberals on issues like the carbon tax and the recent finding by the ethics commissioner that Trudeau broke ethics law by interfering in the question of whether SNC-Lavalin ought to go to court on bribery charges.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, right, and Tamara Taggart speaking to supporters at a Liberal nomination event in Vancouver.

The Liberals now hold 38% support, versus 34% for the Tories.

The Greens could leapfrog the New Democrats at 8% to claim third place in parliament for the first time. The Greens now have only two seats.

This year's election campaign cycle will last just under six weeks - half of the length of the 2015 election campaign, which clocked in at 78 days, making it the longest in modern Canadian history. The US' 2016 presidential election campaign lasted 597 days.