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Google Faces New Antitrust Probe From 50 Attorneys General

Google Faces New Antitrust Probe From 50 Attorneys General Google Faces New Antitrust Probe From 50 Attorneys General
Ginger Lawrence | 11 September, 2019, 14:33

Washington, Sep 10 (IANS): In a significant development, Attorneys General for 50 USA states have announced a probe into Google's anti-trust practices, focusing on whether the tech giant is overly dominant in the online advertising market and in internet searches.

Another group of 11 state attorneys general - led by New York's Letitia James - has begun their own probe against Facebook, exploring whether it violates competition laws and mishandles consumers' personal information.

Attorneys general Monday said Google search results are skewed toward its own products and those of advertisers rather than the best information.

When reached for comment, a Google spokesperson shared this blog post from Friday, when it admitted it had received requests for information from the Department of Justice and said it expects state attorneys general to ask more questions. "Is something really free if online ad prices go up based on one company's control".

Both the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission are also now investigating whether Big Tech - as a whole - has hurt consumers and stifled competition in the US. Amid rumors of a federal probe, 50 attorneys general have joined forces to launch an antitrust probe of the company.

"If Google has gained its advantages in the marketplace through free and fair competition, then let the chips fall where they will", said Hill.

Google runs a monopoly in many different business areas.

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Such state-level efforts come as the U.S. Justice Department is exploring anti-trust investigations against Google and Apple, and the Federal Trade Commission is scrutinizing Facebook and Amazon.

"Google's services help people, create more choice, and support thousands of jobs and small businesses across the United States, ' he opined".

Google referred questions about the latest probe to a statement it published last week, which emphasised the firm's track record of innovation. "When my daughter is sick and I search online for advice or doctors, I want the best advice from the best doctors not the ones - not the doctor and not the clinic - who can spend the most on advertising", said Arkansas Attorney-General Leslie Rutledge. A U.S. House subcommittee is also conducting a "top-to-bottom" review of how tech giants affect things like consumer privacy, local journalism and the ability of new startup companies to grow.

Google's acquisition of ad tech companies over the years allowed it to build a network of products across the advertising market.

The announcement confirms last week's reports about the bipartisan antitrust probe into Google's advertising practices.

Already, state officials have sent official legal demands for documents to the tech giant related to the investigation of online ads, Paxton told reporters.