Friday, 17 January, 2020

Kim Kardashian West tests positive for lupus antibodies

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Adrian Cunningham | 10 September, 2019, 18:17

Cape Town - On the 17th season premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, a stressed-out Kim leaned on her family as she awaited results from a blood test.

Kim Kardashian added, "Based on the symptoms, it looks like I have rheumatoid arthritis".

And while her doctor advised her that false positive results for lupus are possible, Kardashian West was still upset as he ordered a follow-up visit for further testing.

As the episode began, the 38-year-old told her mother Kris Jenner that she had been experiencing exhaustion and had in fact taken a urine test to check if she was pregnant.

Kim Kardashian live-tweeted during the episode, telling fans that thinking about the pain in her hands and what it could be is really scary, and she was anxious to just figure out what was wrong.

After feeling exhausted and dealing with headaches, aching joints and other painful physical symptoms, the reality star chose to have a blood test done to find the cause.

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She replied to a Twitter user saying: "Luckily I got an answer quickly but it was a rollercoaster of emotions". "That's the scariest part, is you just don't know".

Her physician, Dr. Daniel Wallace, confirmed to her, "Your antibodies are positive for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis". "I was able to find an fantastic doctor, Dr. Wallace, and we figured out what the problem is". Apparently, Kardashian West's fans will have to continue Keeping Up with her-and her health issues-to find out more.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease, where your own body's antibodies are directed against cells in many different locations, leading to inflammation in the tissues and organs. However, he wouldn't know for sure until he saw the results of her blood work.

Rheumatoid arthritis also is an autoimmune disorder that affects the lining of a person's joints and can lead to painful swelling, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Let's make this clear from the get-go: Just because Kim's "antibodies are positive for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis", doesn't mean she has either disease, Sara Tedeschi, MD, MPH, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, tells Health. And you really do get into this little depression for a minute.