Friday, 20 September, 2019

Pennsylvania: Couple Gets Thefts Charges For Using Money Mistakenly Deposited

Bizarre on Female First PA Couple Facing Charges After Spending Over $100K Accidentally Deposited in Bank Account: Police
Deanna Wagner | 11 September, 2019, 02:07

Police say when Robert and Tiffany Williams checked their account balance with BB&T bank and found an extra $120,000, they didn't question the mysterious money and went on a shopping spree.

Robert Williams and his wife, Tiffany Williams, appeared in court last Tuesday after they spent two-and-a-half weeks blowing through most of their accidental windfall on expenses such as cars, bills and a camper, news station WNEP reported.

However instead of notifying the bank, they began spending like insane, buying an SUV, a camper, two four-wheelers and even gave $15,000 to friends.

They also said the money was used on bills, vehicle repairs and cash purchases.

The Williamsport-Sun-Gazette reports that until the unexpected cash injection the couple had just $1,121 (£900) in their bank account. The error was discovered almost a month later on June 20, leaving the Williamses overdrawn by $107,416.

The couple's account had an average balance of $US1,000 and an actual balance of $US1,121 before the mistaken deposit, the affidavit notes.

While they initially told the bank they'd work something out, the couple eventually stopped answering and they were later arrested on three felony charges of theft and receiving stolen property.

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Police say the couple then purchased a four-wheeler, an SUV, a trailer, and even a race vehicle with the money that was mistakenly deposited in their account. The bank was in contact with the couple twice, and during one of the calls, Tiffany said she and Robert would establish a repayment plan.

In the following days the bank tried to contact the couple again, but were not able to.

State police say the teller is thought to have put the cash in the wrong account around 31 May. She told the bank her husband had spent a great portion of the funds and purchased a four-wheeler.

At issue is that the money transferred into their BB&T account did not belong to them and now they are facing charges of theft.

Nate Weaver, a neighbor of the couple, told CNN affiliate WNEP that the allegations are "kind of shocking".

"I even don't include any notion, I don't even know what's going on", he mentioned.