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Rescue underway for crew of capsized ship

Rescue underway for crew of capsized ship Rescue underway for crew of capsized ship
Deanna Wagner | 11 September, 2019, 19:25

Rescuers were able to climb aboard on Monday after officials determined it was stable enough for a helicopter to land on the hull, Lt Kit Pace of the coast guard said. "Outstanding", Reed said from the scene during the final rescue.

The four missing South Korean crew members are in the engine room of the ship, the country's Foreign Ministry confirmed. The loading process went smoothly, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary, she said. Petty Officer 3rd Class Ryan Dickinson said it isn't clear if weather conditions caused the ship to lurch.

One of the companies involved in the incident is Moran Towing, which is based in CT.

Groups drilled a two-by-three-foot maintain in three-inch increments and had been in a position to go meals and contemporary water to the three now rescued, in keeping with the Coast Guard.

South Korea's Foreign Ministry said the ship began "listing heavily", about 80 degrees, to the port side before overturning.

He said the oil may have come from fuel cans that fell into the water from the ship's deck, or perhaps from the vehicles inside the cargo hold.

They are communicating with the trapped sailors through the hole they drilled, but getting them out poses hard technical challenges, Heflin said.

The Golden Ray had 23 crew members and a pilot aboard.

Rescue underway for crew of capsized ship
Rescue underway for crew of capsized ship

Built in 2017, the 656-foot Golden Ray was on its way to Baltimore and was carrying at least 4,000 vehicles when it tipped over, reported the BBC.

In the hours immediately after the accident, the Coast Guard lifted 20 crew members into helicopters before determining that smoke and flames and unstable cargo made it too risky to venture further inside the vessel.

Some witnesses say the cargo ship was passing another vessel that was coming into the port as it started heading out, and suggested that might've had something to do with causing the tip.

Asked about the condition of the rescued crew members, Reed said two of them were able to walk off the hull of the ship and get on a tugboat. That hasn't been confirmed though by the Coast Guard. But the "suspended" search means that they had to get off the vessel because of fires and instability.

He said he didn't know how long the Brunswick port will remain closed, but removing the Golden Ray "is something that will take weeks to do".

The sound of tapping led rescuers to the four people who had been trapped on a cargo ship that capsized off the Georgia coast on Sunday. Coast Guard officials brought the ship's chief engineer, who was rescued Sunday, out to the ship to translate, and found the three men were "on board and OK, " as Heflin put it.

"This is a dynamic situation", he said of the rescue.

The National Transportation Safety Board said it is looking into the incident.

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