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Samsung Galaxy Fold to feature app optimizations

Samsung Galaxy Fold to feature app optimizations Samsung Galaxy Fold to feature app optimizations
Cecil Davis | 10 September, 2019, 21:55

Today Samsung released a bit of info on the Samsung Galaxy Fold, suggesting in the process that the release of this device marks the "beginning of a new era in mobile technology".

We knew at nearly the same time as Samsung first introduced the Galaxy Fold's display technology (Infinity Flex) that Google was and had been working with Samsung on Foldable Device-optimized Android software. Samsung Galaxy M30 is now available online for a starting price of Rs 14,990. Most of you know which two companies I am talking about but for those who don't, they are Samsung and Huawei. In other words: Samsung is not only confident in the launch of the hardware, they're ready to roll with the essential software users want - right now! These include Microsoft's Office 365 suite, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Prime Video, iHeartMedia, and Spotify, which will be preloaded on the Galaxy Fold.

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The unique design of the Galaxy Fold necessitates app optimization. The company has since developed a new, thinner polymer cover for the Galaxy Fold's display. Apart from that, it is also rumoured that a few more devices could be announced alongside the A50s such as the Galaxy A30s and A20s. So that support for foldable devices could be an integral part of Android 10. This means more apps on the Play Store would now be compatible with features such as seamless App Continuity and Multi-Active Window as compared to the initial launch date. Google has since introduced improved re-sizing, multi-tasking and multiple-display switching features in Android 10, too. It's a 7.3-inch display, which is the biggest Samsung has ever put on a phone, but it can be folded in half, so the Galaxy Fold 5G becomes surprisingly compact when not in use, meaning you can easily fit it in a pocket then take it out and have a near-tablet to interact with, which is ideal for multi-tasking.