Friday, 20 September, 2019

Things Get Weird in THE LIGHTHOUSE Trailer

New Trailer For THE LIGHTHOUSE Spins Sinister Tall Tales Things Get Weird in THE LIGHTHOUSE Trailer
Adrian Cunningham | 10 September, 2019, 18:54

Robert Eggers' "The Witch", released back in 2015, was one of the most audacious and assured debut features in recent memory, a film whose relatively modest budget didn't hamper the scope of its ambition. Willem Dafoe looks stark, raving mad, and while Robert Pattinson's character appears to be the saner one, he does indulge Dafoe's character in a dialogue merely comprising of the word "What", which will leave you scratching your head and saying "What?" under your breath.

Just as "cable knit sweater weather" begins, A24 is dropping a new trailer for The Lighthouse, Robert Eggers' creepy and freakish follow-up to The Witch starring Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe as two unhinged lighthouse keepers with indecipherable old-timey accents.

A new trailer for A24's upcoming psychological horror/thriller The Lighthouse has been released and can be seen above.

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Willem Dafoe plays Thomas Wake, an experienced and aging lighthouse keeper, while Robert Pattinson plays Ephraim Winslow, a first-time lighthouse keeper with secrets of his own.

The story follows two lighthouse keepers set amongst a New England island in the 1890s. Sure, puritan religious life is fine, Eggers seemed to say, but have you ever tried living deliciously? It also screened at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend.

The Lighthouse arrives in limited release to Los Angeles and NY theaters on October 18 before a wider release sometime afterward.