Tuesday, 25 February, 2020

UK Conservatives retain large lead over Labour

People walk past markings by protestors on the pavement opposite the Houses of Parliament in London Monday Sept. 9 2019. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson voiced optimism Monday that a new Brexit deal can be reached so Britain leaves the European Un UK Conservatives retain large lead over Labour
Ginger Lawrence | 11 September, 2019, 16:26

That means there can be no truce with those that are irretrievably hostile to the socialist direction the party has taken since 2015, whose constant attacks and sabotage have been responsible for serious retreats.

Unveiling his plan this morning, Mr Farage said: "The Labour Party now want a second referendum and from what Mr Corbyn said yesterday, not even give us a clear choice of leaving properly".

Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (left).

But should a referendum occur after a general election, Mr Watson will argue that Labour should commit "unambiguously and unequivocally" to campaign for remain.

He was successful in requiring the deal to be brought back for a further vote following the passage of a bill aimed at stopping a no-deal Brexit on 31 October.

After calling for a general election for two years, it is thought that the Labour leader would struggle to justify further votes against an early poll - particularly without the reason now being given, which is that Johnson could change the date of the election and have it take place after no deal.

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks after Britain's parliament voted on whether to hold an early general election, in Parliament in London, Britain, September 10, 2019, in this still image taken from Parliament TV footage.

In his first public speech after the suspension of Parliament decreed by Johnson, Corbyn lashed out at the United Kingdom prime minister, who is seeking to leave the European Union (EU) without a deal.

In a speech in London, Mr Watson will say that while an autumn general election seems inevitable given Boris Johnson's loss of control in Parliament "that does not make it desirable".

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson sits in the back of a car as he leaves parliament in London Monday Sept. 9 2019. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson voiced optimism Monday that a new Brexit deal can be reached so Britain leaves the European Uni
UK Conservatives retain large lead over Labour

The government will likely frame any election campaign as the people versus an intransigent parliament trying to overturn the Brexit referendum, says Catherine Barnard, professor of European Union Law at the University of Cambridge. The Brexit Party leader has already agreed to not challenge seats belonging to Tory Brexiteer "Spartans", but according to reports, he upped that offer by asking the Tories for free run of 80 to 90 constituencies in exchange for not fielding candidates in the Conservatives' target seats or against sitting Conservative MPs.

He'll say that a lot has modified because the 2016 referendum and exclusively a Folks's Vote can ship any certainty about what the citizens now need.

"Not at the most senior levels but there is certainly a lot of common cause with the Conservative Party as it stands under Boris today and the Brexit Party".

Mr Watson has created waves together with his deliberate speech and he's set to say that it's not too late to win again Labour's Stay voters who've been postpone by confusion over the celebration's place on Brexit.

"And I can tell you this: We're ready for that election".

They have just met after a night of high drama in parliament.

Speaking to the Trades Union Congress on Tuesday, Sir Keir Starmer will say that another referendum is the only way of "cleaning up the mess left by the Tories".

"Only Boris Johnson and the Conservatives will deliver Brexit by 31 October, no ifs or buts, so we can move on and focus on the issues that matter to people", said its party chair James Cleverly.

Speaker John Bercow to stand down after Tory election threats
In January, he came under pressure to resign after he was found to have a "Bollocks to Brexit " sticker in his vehicle window. The MP for Buckingham has been accused by critics of frustrating the entire process despite his "impartial" role as Speaker.