Wednesday, 16 October, 2019

Climate activists block Walterdale Bridge during morning commute in downtown Edmonton

'This Is Not What Democracy Looks Like': Outrage as London Police Use Battering Ram to Raid Extinction Rebellion Building Extinction Rebellion "Nudie Parade" Planned For Melb CBD
Gustavo Carr | 08 October, 2019, 04:53

In London, Extinction Rebellion expects between 20,000 and 30,000 people from local groups across the United Kingdom to make their way to the capital over the next two weeks, aiming to cause disruption to get the government to act on the climate crisis.

Police confirm they arrested 14 people under the Protection of Property Act for failing to leave the premises after being ordered to do so.

The movement has three demands in the United Kingdom, at least: "tell the truth", "act now", and go "beyond politics".

Extinction Rebellion launched in 2018 and staged similar protests in London in April this year.

They are making three demands of the federal government: take action to halt biodiversity loss, reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2024, create a citizen's assembly to hold elected politicians to account and public acknowledgement and transparency of the climate change situation.

Susan Bibbing, a retired mother of four from West Vancouver, said she helped shut down the Burrard Street Bridge into downtown Vancouver at the tail end of the soggy morning rush hour because the climate science dictates "we only have a few years where we could reverse the destruction of our planet".

"The weather won't wait for politics, and so we will gather in Westminster and stay until the Government tells the truth that families across this country need to know".

The protest is one of a number of actions happening across the country today.

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Meanwhile, 2,194 have said they are prepared to go to prison and 1,704 to stage a hunger strike to get the Government to seriously step up the action it is taking to curb climate change. An onlooker said he saw at least five people arrested after they refused to let a van through the road.

Key sites, including Westminster and Lambeth bridges will also be targeted, in addition to protests outside the Houses of Parliament and key Government departments.

"We are going to be putting pressure on them what they are going to do mend the climate emergency, because we are running out of time".

The Victoria police wrote on Twitter, "We are aware of the planned demonstration tomorrow on the Johnson Street Bridge". Police chiefs said last week they would mobilise thousands of officers to handle the protests and that anyone who broke the law, even as part of non-violent civil disobedience, would be arrested.

The police arrested 10 people during the raid, on suspicion of conspiracy to cause public nuisance.

Yana Landowne, also from NY, said she was inspired to join the protests by British friends. The Metropolitan Police said 135 arrests had been made by early afternoon.

Banging drums and chanting, they took over the tourist hotspot of Trafalgar Square and marched down the Mall, the broad tree-lined avenue that leads to Buckingham Palace.

Members of Extinction Rebellion said police confiscated six vehicles as well as gazebos, portable toilets and bean bags - and have since claimed that the arrests were pre-emptive.