Friday, 21 February, 2020

Greta Thunberg addresses climate change in Iowa City

Climate change protestors flood the Arcata Plaza. KLH | Union Climate change protestors flood the Arcata Plaza. KLH | Union
Sandy Nunez | 07 October, 2019, 12:25

More than 3,000 people gathered in the heart of downtown Iowa City on Friday, October 4 to hear from Greta Thunberg. On Fox News recently, Michael Knowles, a conservative troll and a podcaster, described Greta as a "mentally ill Swedish child" who is "being exploited by her parents and by the worldwide left".

"Climate change is an issue which is strongly related to security and peace", he adds.

Thunberg plans on Friday to join demonstrators in Iowa, after protests in NY and Montreal. All over the world, indigenous people are fighting climate change very publicly, she said, so she was glad for Thunberg's shoutout.

"As we all know, the UN Climate Action Summit was a failure". Must never allow ourselves to give up. To stand behind and see the science is still too uncomfortable for them.

Almost 70 countries announced plans to beef up their Paris climate agreement pledges, but most major economies including the United States and China failed to announce stronger new measures. In this case, there's no middle ground.

Putin criticized Greta at an energy conference called Energy Partnership for Sustainable Growth in Moscow, where the Russian President said the 16-year-old girl should go and explain to the developing countries why they should continue to live in poverty.

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Thunberg then took to Twitter to mock the Russian president, changing her bio to read: "A kind but poorly informed teenager". In a short amount of time, Thunberg became the face of climate action.

Baish's removal followed a Facebook comment he purportedly posted about Thunberg's planned appearance Friday in Iowa City for a student-led climate strike demonstration, asking "Who's all going?" But Mr Putin responded to her speech by saying: "I may disappoint you but I don't share the common excitement about the speech by Greta Thunberg".

Gerd Müller, the minister of economic cooperation and development, noted in response to the activist's fighting words that "climate protection does not start with Greta Thunberg".

He also said he was not "excited" by Ms Thunberg.

But instead of taking on board what Greta has to say and acting on it, there are people out there, mostly right wing men, who see the teenager as a threat.