Tuesday, 25 February, 2020

Nobel prize in chemistry to be awarded

Trio win medicine Nobel for work on how cells adapt to oxygen Nobel prize in chemistry to be awarded
Deanna Wagner | 09 October, 2019, 16:59

University of Cambridge professor Didier Queloz - who is one of three scientists to be awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics - said it was "entirely realistic" life could be found outside of Earth in the next 30 years.

We've already had the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine on monday, when Sir Peter Ratcliffe at Oxford University, Gregg Semenza at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and William Kaelin at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston shared the award for discovering how cells sense and respond to an oxygen shortage.

Peebles, who was born in the francophone community of St. Boniface before it became part of Winnipeg, completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Manitoba before moving to Princeton University in New Jersey for graduate school.

The pair announced the first discovery of a planet outside our own solar system, a so-called "exoplanet", in 1995.

In addition to the global recognition afforded by the award, Mayor and Queloz will split half of the overall award of 9 million Swedish krona (CHF900,000/€830,000).

Notoriously modest and focused on his work, Peebles noted that he's been retired for 20 years but continues to research and teach at a "relaxed rate" because he enjoys it.

"I think that's the way real science works, it doesn't work by putting blinders on people and trying to make believe they're working on an engineering problem when they're really working on a scientific problem". An early version said Peebles took part in news conferences Friday.

Peebles' work is a deeply theoretical look assist in time and bid at how the universe came to its present perform, largely stuffed with darkish matter and darkish energy we can't even stare.

"You should enter science because you are fascinated by it ... that's what I did".

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A clearly delighted Peebles giggled repeatedly during a phone interview with The Associated Press, recalling how he answered a 5.30 am local time phone call from Stockholm thinking that "it's either something very wonderful or it's something terrible". I would be very hard-pressed to say.

Ulf Danielsson, another member of the Nobel Prize Committee, explained the importance of Peebles' contribution to physical cosmology.

"This discovery revolutionized our understanding of planetary science, led to the discovery of thousands of exoplanets, and spurred the search for extraterrestrial life in the universe", said Gross.

James Peebles, who earned his doctoral degree from Princeton in 1962, was announced as one of three winners of the award on Tuesday.

The prize consists of a gold medal, a diploma and the sum of nine million Swedish kronor (about $914,000 or 833,000 euros). The laureates are to receive them at a ceremony in Stockholm on December 10. In the episode, two of the main characters, Sheldon and Amy, win the physics prize.

He said the award equally with Whittingham from Britain and Yoshino of Japan.

The nominees in all categories - whose names are never announced and can not be revealed until 50 years have passed - are picked by members of academies, university professors, scientists, previous Nobel Laureates, and members of parliamentary assemblies.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said last year's winners had "harnessed the power of evolution".