Saturday, 06 June, 2020

Noosa councillor investigated for 'breach of conduct' after appearing on The Bachelorette

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Adrian Cunningham | 12 October, 2019, 23:17

Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington described Glasgow's behaviour as "misogynistic, crude and highly offensive" on the reality show, and of "great concern" to Noosa's council and residents.

But before the show aired, Cr Glasgow was already in hot water with the Noosa council, with it seeking an investigation into an alleged breach of a code of conduct.

Cr Wellington said Cr Glasgow was "misogynistic, crude and offensive", particularly to women on the prime-time dating show.

During a playful photoshoot in which Ms Kent and the contestants dressed up for a barnyard scene, Cr Glasgow was dressed up as the rear half of a horse when he said to Ms Kent "Don't be surprised if you get some wandering fingers all right", before licking his lips.

Cr Glasgow's last words on hit TV program before getting the boot by Angie Kent were "I'm going back to Noosa to find the love of my life in a dirty, dingy nightclub".

In other footage, contestants claimed that Glasgow had made sexual comments about female members of the crew that had made them feel uncomfortable. "I am truly, truly sorry".

"I thought if anything it would be positive, because people would see it's just a regular guy courting a regular girl".

"The actions I did were not good, I agree that, there's no explanation for what I did".

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Cr Wellington said Cr Glasgow was not pleased with his recommendations.

"In my personal opinion, and I have spoken to Cr Glasgow and I believe he should consider resigning", Cr Wellington said.

"This is one day of filming, this is entertainment, reality TV", he said.

"Put simply, there is absolutely no room for vile misogyny and loutish behaviour in Noosa or in Noosa Council".

Cr Jess Glasgow gets a dressing down from Bachelorette Angie Kent.

'None of us thought Donald Trump would be elected either, ' he said of Friday, hinting that he will defend his position at re-election.

"I believe that I haven't breached that conduct because I know exactly what I was there to do and I didn't intend to bring the council into disrepute".

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