Wednesday, 16 October, 2019

Pixar's 'Onward' trailer sets Chris Pratt, Tom Holland on a magical quest

Onward Chris Pratt Tom Holland Trailer Pixar Chris Pratt and Tom Holland star in Onward – Credit Pixar
Adrian Cunningham | 11 October, 2019, 18:30

Onward's new preview plays up the comedic elements of the fantasy-adventure, with elf moms throwing yoga-busting shapes, feral unicorns running rampant in caves, pixie biker gangs stocking up on snacks and, in one particularly amusing clip, Ian accidentally shrinking Barley down to miniature in a growth spell gone-wrong.

Turns out, there definitely is, and it comes from someone really special to them. They've been making a lot of sequels. Watch the new trailer above.

Ian and Barley then travel the film's suburban fantasy world setting in search of way to bring the rest of their father back before the spell wears off in 24 hours.

Onward also stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Ian and Barley's mom, Laurel Lightfoot, and Octavia Spencer as the voice of the Manticore.

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It seems a bit like a blend of Pixar and Disney, which isn't a bad thing. It has the tropes of a classic road trip film, and with Pixar at the wheel, we should be in for an exciting ride (and we're probably definitely going to cry somewhere).

Chris Pratt and Tom Holland were made to play brothers! Check out the full trailer below! They both have very expressive voices and, of course, are used to working together after the Avengers movies.

Onward is expected to be released on March 6, 2020. Now, the trailer has been released for everyone to enjoy and get in a few laughs.