Thursday, 21 November, 2019

BBC says March 2020 United Kingdom launch for Disney+

Disney+ Plus on PS4 Play Station 4 Guide Rapid TV News - House of mouse gains lion’s share of attention in UK DTC arena
Ginger Lawrence | 09 November, 2019, 18:24

Charter Communications' CEO Tom Rutledge said last month: "It's just too easy to get the product without paying for it". In other words, there's plenty of downside and possibly little upside.

The pay-TV industry is projected to lose $6.6 billion in revenue from password sharing and piracy this year, according to Parks Associates. By 2024, that could grow to US$9 billion, it said.

In 2017, Netflix, Amazon, Walt Disney, Viacom, AT&T's HBO, Comcast, and Charter formed the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, which seeks to curb piracy. Last month, the group announced that it's turning its attention to password sharing.

Presently, Disney's Star Wars plans include the release of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus Nov. 12, The Rise of Skywalker gets released in theaters December 20, and plans are underway for more Disney Plus series including a Rogue One spinoff and an Obi-Wan Kenobi series starring Ewan McGregor.

While industry executives widely agree password sharing is a problem, there is no consensus on where to draw the line.

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The October 2019 survey conducted by Propeller Insights of more than 1000 adult United Kingdom consumers found that Disney+ may not be launching in United Kingdom until 2020, but it already has more interest than the newly launched Apple TV+. The house of the mouse will also create original content for the service.

Major streaming platforms are set to take action against "improper password sharing" as the number of services on offer increases. Expect the Disney+ app to arrive on Fire TV sticks, Fire TV edition Smart TVs, and compatible Fire Tablets starting on November 12 when Disney+ launches.

While the company has evidently been able to find a solution to make its November 12 launch viable, the streamer's availability in other markets is still up in the air with licensing being a key issue.

Three years ago, Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings said password sharing is "something you have to learn to live with, because there's so much legitimate password sharing - like you sharing with your spouse, with your kids".

Smith writes for Bloomberg.