Wednesday, 03 June, 2020

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare New Maps Only A Day Away

Modern Warfare 725 Nerf Details _ Shotgun fix update Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare New Maps Only A Day Away
Cecil Davis | 10 November, 2019, 16:41

Infinity Ward and Activision have rolled out a free Call of Duty: Modern Warfare content update today - available for everyone at the same time for all platforms - adding new content and maps together!

Infinity Ward will be releasing a mix of free content, along with fun community events and celebrations regularly, and this free content is just the beginning.

If you are apprehensive about leaping into Modern Warfare, try our important newbie's ideas. Taking place on either one of two gargantuan maps, Ground War features teams of 32 players each being divided into four-person squads and furnished with helicopters, tanks, ATVs and other vehicles to fight for control of five points.

Are you playing with it?

Later in the present day, Ground War will probably be added to Modern Warfare's queue of multiplayer modes.

Additionally, Activision revealed that the new battle pass system is set to be implemented later this year in December. This comes after the popular "Night mode" has already been added along with the "Kill Confirmed" multiplayer mode.

Shoot-House is going to be for fans of maps like "Nuketown" and "Shipment", where the small, symmetrical design is made for players who love to spawn-trap for big killstreaks in tiny spaces. I got absolutely wrecked in my first few matches, but all the games moved fast enough that the time limit wasn't reached.

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Also, this content drop brings several changes that will help most of the maps feel better to play.

A new update for a decision of Duty trendy Warfare is now out there.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare received a lot of attention recently from developers getting an update finally.

Continued updates to player visibility in dark windows and dark areas.

Detonating an enemy claymore with bullets is now non-lethal when at corpulent successfully being.

The ridiculously overpowered 725 shotgun was finally nerfed to properly fit into the shotgun category, whereas it previously served more as an across-the-map sniper. The insane range of the 725 shotgun is no more.

The battle pass system offers 100 levels, with many of those levels earning unlocks for players.