Friday, 29 May, 2020

IOC pledges $10 million to anti-doping fight

IOC President Thomas Bach today dismissed claims that athletes are not fully represented on the main decision-making bodies of WADA IOC pledges $10 million to anti-doping fight
Sandy Nunez | 09 November, 2019, 15:29

"It is not a new idea to engage big sponsors as part of their corporate social responsibility", Banka told an global anti-doping conference.

A total of $5m of that amount will go towards storing test samples from pre-Olympics testing for ten years, while the other $5m will be put towards stepping up scientific research efforts and strengthening the investigative powers of Wada itself.

He said the level of cheating was "unprecedented", leaving WADA under mounting pressure to work for all clean athletes as the Russian anti-doping agency (RUSADA) was declared non-compliant. An average football club has a bigger budget.

"This is where we need the full support of the government authorities".

Half of WADA's budget of about $40 million a year comes from the Olympic movement, and the IOC's injection of another $10 million contribution is significant.

Thomas Bach said on Tuesday that the new doping testing method - Dried Blood Spots (DBS) - will be introduced no later than by the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.

"What they would have learned is that we left no stone unturned", he added, revealing he had been contacted by "several athletes" who thought the case had been closed.

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WADA president Sir Craig Reedie yesterday confirmed an inquiry will take place.

The Oregon Project was down last month with Nike pointing to the "burden" being placed on its athletes amid the scrutiny.

"Evidence - uncovered by WADA - that a portion of the data may have been manipulated is still being investigated and sparked a fresh compliance procedure being brought by WADA in September this year against RUSADA", Reedie said.

The USADA investigation found no evidence of any wrongdoing by Salazar's athletes.

"Since then, with help from partners, WADA has helped rebuild the Russian Anti-Doping Agency into the fully operational National Anti-Doping Organization it is today, ensuring that the anti-doping program could resume effectively across that massive and sports-passionate nation", the WADA president stated.

Banka said WADA had to find new streams of revenue if it was to continue its fight to root out cheats. "We've been in this crisis for five years now, and that crisis is unfortunately becoming even worse and deeper now".