Thursday, 21 November, 2019

LeBron James defends Ohio State football player amid suspension

Ohio State Buckeyes obliterate Maryland in first 30 up 42-0 at half Ohio State obliterates Maryland in first 30 up 42-0 at half
Cary Erickson | 11 November, 2019, 01:57

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit reported that he expected a four game suspension would come down, though Ohio State refuted that report on Saturday - saying it has no idea what, if any, suspension will hold.

Ohio State said on Saturday that there was no truth to a report that Young was facing a four-game suspension.

LeBron James isn't happy with the NCAA's decision to investigate Ohio State defensive end Chase Young, and he let the governing body hear it on social media on Saturday.

Did Chase Young violate NCAA rules? He is believed to have paid the loan back.

Young is sitting out the game due to a "possible NCAA issue from 2018 that the Department of Athletics is looking into".

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The loan was used to help Young's girlfriend fly to attend the Rose Bowl, sources confirmed. It's uncertain how much money Young accepted, but a roundtrip ticket for a flight from Columbus, Ohio to Pasadena, Calif. - site of the Rose Bowl - ranges from roughly $200 to $325, depending on the airline.

That seems to be the biggest hurdle for Young to retain his eligibility for the remainder of the season.

One week after being favored by the biggest opening point spread between Power 5 conference rivals this season, oddsmakers made Ohio State football's 44-point initial spread against Maryland look quaint.

Ohio State later said that this was "incorrect". At least Rutgers likely does not have to worry about Chase Young, we guess. After that, the Buckeyes have three regular season games left, including huge matchups with Penn State and MI in their final two games.

If the suspension goes beyond two games, however, Ohio State will likely attempt to gather evidence that Young's loan was legit, including correspondence with the family friend and receipts detailing the loan and its payment.