Wednesday, 03 June, 2020

Overwatch 2 Unveiled With Enhanced Visuals, Cooperative PvE And Gameplay Looks Dope

Diablo IV's reveal trailer took a harsh tone Source Blizzard Entertainment- Diablo IV reveal trailer
Cecil Davis | 10 November, 2019, 21:47

So it is quite evident that both these games might have some similarities which are the reason why it could be possible that with the release of Overwatch 2 the fans count will be increased for sure.

A key concern for the Overwatch community is what would happen to the hundreds of hours they've spent levelling up, unlocking skins, emotes and various cosmetics. It got me thinking about how Overwatch 2 is going to completely change the way story is portrayed in the universe.

Overwatch 2 has finally been confirmed at BlizzCon 2019!

Over the weekend, we revealed how Overwatch 2's game director Jeff Kaplan said he had "no idea" when the Overwatch sequel would be released, now he's been joined by Diablo's game director Luis Barriga. All Overwatch 2 maps will come to the original game, as will all new heroes. Instead of the full 21 maps that now feature, only 12 will be played in each competitive season - the same number that have been used for each Stage of the Overwatch League. As I mentioned, Overwatch 2 is still under development and there are many ways to go before this game is fully ready. Blizzard is promising a strong single-player campaign, but the game will be set in a Destiny-style non-linear open world.

"What we care about most is that the game is great".

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Those of us who may have been disappointed that heroes such as Lucio and Torbjorn weren't in the original trailer, appeared in this new one.

Mounts will also be joining Diablo 4 to help players traverse the much bigger world.

Blizzard announced a new 6v6 PvP mode called Push will be available in Overwatch 2, in which two teams of players race to make a robot push the map's objective to their opponent's. These missions will be purely PvE, with players only able to select certain Overwatch characters.

So, if you were wondering if we'll see Diablo 4 come to next-generation consoles, that long-off release date is probably evidence that it will. While that might be good news to those who were angry about the announcement, there are still several fans who are looking forward to the game. To have so little in Overwatch for so long was a an opportunity I always thought that Blizzard missed out on, which is why I'm glad to see story take more of a central role in the sequel.