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Wife of slain ISIS leader al-Baghdadi has been captured, Turkey says

Wife of slain ISIS leader al-Baghdadi has been captured, Turkey says Wife of slain ISIS leader al-Baghdadi has been captured, Turkey says
Deanna Wagner | 10 November, 2019, 04:57

The Pentagon on Wednesday released short videos of the United States forces' raid in northwestern Syria that resulted in the death of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Days later, President Trump announced that US troops had successfully killed al-Baghdadi's "number one replacement".

Baghdadi, who led the Islamic State group since 2014, had become the world's most wanted person for the militants' grisly attacks both in the region and overseas.

The raid got here within the wake of a Turkish army offensive in opposition to the Kurdish militants, who've been an in depth ally of the West within the battle in opposition to ISIS however are considered as terrorists by Ankara.

Erdogan did not say when and where these people were captured.

Turkish officials said they detained Baghdadi's older sister, Rasmiya Awad, on Monday. Picture: Handout via AP/African News Agency (ANA) Asma Fawzi Muhammad Al-Qubaysi, wife of slain Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

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The official said she was the first wife of al-Baghdadi, who is known to have four wives. The region is administered by Turkey following a previous military incursion that was launched in 2016. Erdogan made the announcement while delivering a speech in Ankara on Wednesday but gave no other details.

The Isis leader blew himself and two of his children up after United States special forces closed in on his heavily-fortified compound in Syria's Idlib province during a raid on 26 October.

Baghdadi, 48, died on Sunday after he blew up his suicide vest following the USA raid on his compound in Syria's Idlib province, some four miles from Turkish border.

At least 11 Syrian opposition fighters were killed in an attack on Thursday, Erdogan said, without specifying where or how the attack had occurred. That's despite two separate truces that were brokered by Russian and the US last month, which halted Turkey's military offensive.

The Turkish leader said Wednesday that a total of 144 Syrian opposition fighters and 10 Turkish soldiers had been killed during Turkey's incursion into northeast Syria, which began on October 9 and has since displaced around 200,000 people.