Tuesday, 02 June, 2020

AWS opens access to quantum computing systems - Cloud - Hardware

AWS opens access to quantum computing systems - Cloud - Hardware AWS opens access to quantum computing systems - Cloud - Hardware
Cecil Davis | 04 December, 2019, 16:43

Today, at AWS re:Invent, Amazon help advance quantum computing technologies.

Naturally, quantum computers remain a very niche - not to mention hugely expensive - proposition, with still a very long way to go in terms of developing the tech.

Apart from quantum system simulations, AWS envisages Braket could be used to explore solving of optimisation problems in industries such as financial services and logistics, and machine learning. "Bringing together the full capabilities of Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband and AWS, the world's leading cloud with the broadest and deepest services portfolio, we unlock the full potential of our 5G services for customers to create applications and solutions with the fastest speeds, improved security, and ultra-low latency".

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Amazon Web Services has teamed up with three vendors to set up a quantum computing preview, allowing users to test their algorithms on different types of hardware. They can use tools familiar tools such as the Jupyter Notebooks open-source web application and assess quantum technologies that initially include quantum annealing from D-Wave, ion trap devices from IonQ and Rigetti's latest quantum processors based on 32-qubit superconducting chip technology. Bra-ket notation is commonly used to denote quantum mechanical states, and inspired the name of the service. "And with our AWS Center for Quantum Computing and academic partnerships, we join the effort across the scientific and industrial communities to help accelerate the promise of quantum computing". As such, it is best to think of them like a GPU (graphics processing unit) or a math co-processor. A former establishment is a place for grouping up Quantum Computing researchers and engineers from all over the world to develop this technology.

Meanwhile the new Amazon Quantum Solutions Labis a program that connects customers with quantum computing experts from Amazon and its technology and consulting partners. With our Amazon Braket service and Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, we're making it easier for customers to gain experience using quantum computers and to work with experts from AWS and our partners to figure out how they can benefit from the technology.

As to the cost of the service, Amazon notes that pricing will vary according to the hardware provider chosen, and you'll only pay for the time which you use with the quantum computer.