Tuesday, 07 April, 2020

Deliveroo advert banned for misleading customers

Deliveroo advert banned for misleading customers Deliveroo advert banned for misleading customers
Adrian Cunningham | 04 December, 2019, 18:28

Takeaway delivery firm Deliveroo has hit out after one of its TV adverts was banned for misleading the public.

A spokesman from the ASA said it is "unusual" to receive such a high volume of complaints about an advert being misleading, as most are made over offence. She called out the name of each restaurant or type of food as she handed over the meals: "Chinese, KFC, Wagamama, Greek salad, Pizza Express, Burger King, Five Guys, Doner, Buon Giorno Italiano, prawn crackers".

The GoCompare advert, featuring a male opera singer involved in a auto accident, received 336 complaints, mostly arguing it trivialised crashes and was distressing.

The complainants, who understood each restaurant would need a separate order, each incurring a delivery fee, with each meal then delivered separately, challenged whether the ad was misleading. Droga5's first work since it picked up the account, the ad has so far brought in a whopping 336 complaints from concerned viewers who felt it trivialized auto crashes. The advertiser withdrew the poster, and the ASA took no further action. We considered consumers would not assume that a separate delivery charge applied for each restaurant ordered from.

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The amusing clip, which sees a mum walk into her house with a Deliveroo and take out endless different meals from different restaurants in the same bag has been reported over 300 times. It said this was reinforced when the lady jumps into the Deliveroo bag and disappears.

To prevent the ad from being banned, Deliveroo offered to add disclaimers to the existing text to ensure their intended message was clear to viewers, and so they wouldn't be in the dark in regards to delivery charges.

One of Deliveroo's recent ads has incited outrage from viewers, managing to tot up more than 300 complaints since it aired.

However, the ASA said that the domestic setting of the ad and the reference to "All your family favourites, now on Deliveroo" "strongly implied" people would be able to order together from different services. Therefore, according to ASA the Deliveroo ad breaches code rules and thus it shall not be broadcasted in the current form.