Friday, 07 August, 2020

Jones waxes poetic on Jason Garrett with empty rhetoric yet again

Chicago vs. Dallas Which Cowboys player would you want on the Bears Chicago vs. Dallas Which Cowboys player would you want on the Bears
Cary Erickson | 04 December, 2019, 02:28

Garrett has been under fire for weeks - if not years - but Jones has continually ignored fans' pleas for a coaching change. "Do you wish to listing the hundreds of coaches that don't have their Tremendous Bowl or equal who've been teaching 10 years?" I've seen a lot of coaches. And, so, I approach when I look at coach, coaching. Jason Garrett is one of them. I'm still glad that when I get up in the morning, I can look for ways to help our team.

If Philadelphia somehow manages to pull off the unthinkable by finishing ahead of Dallas to win the NFC East for a second time in three years, there's been plenty of talk over the possibility of Jones and the Cowboys finally moving on from Garrett after all these years. Who has the exclusive skills to do the job so you can collectively win a Super Bowl?

"If I were leaving training camp today, I'd like to have this run that I've got right now, four games to get to the playoffs, as healthy as we are", Jones said. "... Nobody wants Jason to leave, and I'll tell you right now, he also has my back".

Cue the hypothesis. Jones didn't specify in his feedback whether or not Garrett's National Football League function could be with the Cowboys subsequent season.

Garrett can earn himself a little rope, professionally-speaking, by "leading" the Cowboys to a victory in Thursday's road matchup at Chicago, an opportunity to rise above.500 while proving correct his boss's assertion that he's qualified to hold this job.

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Garrett sees the writing on the wall but chooses to look the other way. As the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, Jones has the vast majority of the team's power and does everything from negotiating contracts to making big roster decisions.

Jerry Jones is easily one of the most notorious and famous owners in all of sports so it's only natural that fans of his team want to know what he's thinking. Yet they prod and push and don't allow the 53-year-old to compartmentalize his tenuous status with the organization.

The question isn't whether or not Garrett will be a head coach next year.

"We're just focused on having a great Thursday", he said on 105.3 The Fan on Monday, via The Athletic, referring to Dallas' Week 14 tilt.