Tuesday, 29 September, 2020

US House of Representatives passes Space Force bill

738 Billion Defense Bill Authorizes Space Force and New Benefits for Federal Workers US House of Representatives passes Space Force bill
Deanna Wagner | 13 December, 2019, 10:47

The NDAA passed the House floor on Wednesday evening in a 377-48 vote and is now headed to the Senate for consideration before the Pentagon's funding expires on 20 December.

It increases pay for the troops by 3.1% and mandates 12 weeks' paid leave so federal workers can care for their families, a USA first. It includes a 3.2 percent pay raise for service members and authorizes a bolstering of $4.5 billion for the Afghanistan national security force.

"This NDAA strengthens our national defense and promotes a variety of issues of critical importance", Garamendi said in a statement.

The Space Command will have five operation centres, a staff of 287 members from the Department of Defence and a budget of $83.8 million, and will be responsible for coordinating the five different branches of the Armed Forces; six in case the Space Force project goes ahead.

Georgia Reps Debate Impeachment During House Judiciary Hearing
Mitch McConnell , the Senate majority leader, said on Wednesday no decision had yet been made over how to conduct the trial. Approving the rules will require agreement by the majority of the Senate's 100 members.

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday urged Congress to pass a defense bill containing a provision restricting the drawdown of American troops in South Korea. The compromise bill does not include any provisions related to President Trump's border wall, and also drops several items touted by progressive Democrats, including blocking Trump from taking military action against Iran and banning the sale of certain munitions to Saudi Arabia. They were removed during months of negotiations with Senate Republicans and Trump administration officials.

During a house meeting on November 13, House Armed Services Committee Chairman, Adam Smith, stated that talks on the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act are underway.

"The original House-passed NDAA, that every Republican opposed, included a number of open-border provisions that would have undermined our efforts to secure the Southwest border. But what this conference report reflects for the most part is that we do agree on a lot".

The NDAA has been implemented every year for 58 years, Inhofe said. I was pleased to support this final bill as it continues to restore readiness, supports the largest pay increase in 10 years for our troops, and provides additional resources to maintain America's competitive military edge and counter our foreign adversaries.