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Vikings Fall to Seahawks 37-30 in Monday Night Meltdown

Image from iOS Vikings Fall to Seahawks 37-30 in Monday Night Meltdown
Cary Erickson | 04 December, 2019, 05:41

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Minnesota Vikings 37-30, not only taking over the NFC West lead, but also pulling the Rams one game closer to catching the Vikings for a wild-card berth. Ford started the game, and Griffin played special teams and on defense as a situational edge rusher.

Unfortunately, the other Vikings that we've all grown accustomed to showed up in the third-quarter.

Moore had two catches in the game for 65 yards and the touchdown.

On Monday night Seattle fell behind early thanks to a weird pick-six by Wilson. He finished the game with three tackles, one tackle for loss, and a QB hit.

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Is keeping their top running back out of action for most of the second half in Seattle a choice that could come back to haunt Minnesota later in the year?

While Rhodes did later kinda compensate for that (in his mind at least) by forcing a late fumble that nearly turned the tide for the Vikings, it's clear that the Vikings need to start limited Rhodes' snaps as the season nears the playoffs.

Despite the struggles of the run defense on Monday, it's the Vikings work against the pass that has caused Zimmer the most concern.

I guess it's encouraging that despite all the nonsense, the Vikings had a legitimate chance to come back in this game (against one of the best, if not the best, team (s) in the NFC). They remain winless in the division, but get another chance this weekend with a trip to Minnesota. Then they jumped out to a big lead in the second and were finally able to hold off a late rally thanks to some big defensive stops and a forced fumble on a kick return in the final seconds. The Vikings, who don't have a victory this season over a team that is above.500, have games against Detroit, Green Bay and Chicago and at the Los Angeles Chargers remaining on their schedule. But the reality is that they need to win out to ensure a playoff spot. A win over Minnesota would give the Bears a sweep of the season series and the tiebreaker over the Vikings. So, they got that going for them... right?