Monday, 24 February, 2020

British astronaut believes aliens might live among us

‘Aliens exist and could be among us right now,’ claims first British astronaut in space Aliens exist and could be here on Earth, first British astronaut says
Sandy Nunez | 06 January, 2020, 18:40

Dr Sharman claims aliens do exist and may already be lurking on Earth - unseen and hidden from us, Daily Mail reported. People often describe me as the first British woman in space, but I was actually the first British person.

Dr Helen Sharman told the Observer Magazine that extra terrestrial life is bound to be somewhere in the universe.

Dr Sharman, who has previously said Britain should not fall behind in the space race, said aliens might not be made up of carbon and nitrogen like humans.

She has recently given a statement where she declared that Aliens do exist and there is a sure shot possibility that they live with us.

Dr Sharman, 56, who obtained a degree in chemistry at University of Sheffield before gaining a PhD from Birbeck, University of London, made history when she participated in a mission to the Soviet modular space station Mir in May 1991.

After 18 months of rigorous training at Yury Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre in Star City, in 1991, at the age of 27, she became a household name, spending nearly eight days in space aboard the Soyuz TM-12 and Mir space station, performing scientific experiments, before returning to earth. She positively acknowledged that every one kinds of life kinds endure within the universe however we as people couldn't discover them due to the variation in our constructions and in addition as a result of they're so distinctive from people.

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'I don't know (if aliens exist)' she said, reports a local newspaper.

Dr. Sharman feels that "a few people have forgotten her" when British space traveler Tim Peake followed her in 2015.

"A man going first would be the norm, so I'm thrilled that I got to upset that order", quoted her as saying.

"There's no greater beauty than looking at the Earth from up high - and I'll never forget the first time I saw it", she explained. I don't think any were close to my spaceship but there must be some out there.

So there you have it, listen to Dr Sharman, treasure your loved ones and save yourself a trip.