Tuesday, 07 April, 2020

Iran to download plane black box after missile blamed for crash

Mourners carry coffins through the streets of Tehran during a mass funeral after the warship USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air Flt. 655 over the Gulf killing all 290 people on board An Iranian missile took down the Ukraine passenger jet, claim US officials
Deanna Wagner | 14 January, 2020, 14:09

Trudeau has said multiple intelligence sources indicate the plane was downed Wednesday by an Iranian missile.

Iran's civil aviation chief today denied that a missile downed a Ukrainian airliner which crashed killing all 176 on board, dismissing claims of a catastrophic mistake by Tehran's air defences.

Both the United Kingdom and Canada have said the USA assessment was credible, and they agree that Ukrainian Airline Flight 752 -which was carrying 82 Iranian nationals alongside 63 Canadians, 11 Ukranians and four Brits - was shot down accidentally.

Citing information from allies as well as Canada's own intelligence, Trudeau said the plane appeared to have been hit by an Iranian surface-to-air missile.

The declaration came as Tehran faced mounting worldwide pressure to allow a "credible" investigation into the crash, which Britain and Canada suggested was caused by an accidental missile strike.

Champagne says Iran has so far issued two visas for Canadian officials, and that the immediate priority is getting access to the country and ensuring a thorough and transparent investigation.

The Iranian government has strongly denied the claims, and accused the U.S. of spreading misinformation.

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"And let us not forget the Iranian families because they have suffered the greatest loss of life in this bad incident and they deserve to know the truth too".

Iran this morning released images purportedly showing the plane's two black boxes, which contain recorded data from the jetliner, though it remains unclear whether it will turn the boxes over to outside investigators.

His comments came after Boris Johnson suggested there was now a "body of information" that indicated the crash was caused by an Iranian missile.

The Iranian government said the missile strike scenario made "no sense", however, arguing that several internal and global flights had been sharing approximately the same airspace.

"The NTSB has designated an accredited representative to the investigation of the crash, involving a Boeing 737-800", the statement said. The assessment from USA officials came as Tehran released an initial report into the incident that said the pilots did not put out a call for help, but had been trying to return to the airport when the aircraft went down.

Canada's transportation safety board on said yesterday it had accepted an invitation from Iran's civil aviation authority to join the inquiry.

With tensions high between the United States and Iran, the disaster unfolded just hours after Tehran launched ballistic missiles towards bases in Iraq housing USA troops.