Thursday, 09 April, 2020

Andy Rubin's Essential Shutting Down, Newton Mail Service Ending Too

Essential shutting down after not being able to finish Project GEM Breaking: Essential is dead, and so are updates to Essential Phone It's Essentially over
Cecil Davis | 14 February, 2020, 21:27

So, with that, a promising company bites the dust and if you own an Essential Phone then, it is time to switch over to something else as there will be no customer support for the device.

Essential will cease offering updated Android OS to its PH-1 customers starting immediately and its February 3 security update is the last one for the PH-1 to be released by the company.

Poor sales led to Essential cancelling plans for a second smartphone one year later, and there were even rumors that the company was trying to sell itself. "Regardless of our greatest efforts, we've now taken Gem so far as we are able to and regrettably don't have any clear path to ship it to clients".

Essential is to cease operations and shutdown. "Essential says that 'current Newton Mail users will have access to the service through April 30, 2020", Heater adds.

That said, the Essential Phone battled some serious problems, which dramatically weakened its appeal.

Regardless, the PH-1 will live on in history as being the first commercial smartphone with a notched display.

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However, after bold claims, the Gem has vanished into the realm of vaporware and the company has announced its definitive shut down.

The news is pretty surprising, I suppose, with Essential earlier showing off a new - weird-looking - smartphone in its testing stages. The Redmi Note 8 Pro and OnePlus 7T are the major alternatives to the phone that was not essential.

The company has reportedly shared its software on coding site Github so developers can "keep hacking" the device. The company thanked the employees, staff members and other community members for showing passion for our vision. The company pushed an update recently and that's the end of it.

As consumers were waiting for some more info on the Essential PH-2, Andy Rubin was hit by a scandal. The handset borrows power via the 3040mAh battery. The device is available on Amazon in limited quantities.

None of the major USA mobile carriers expressed interest in offering the phone, according to people familiar with those talks, and plans for an early 2020 release were dropped.

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