Sunday, 27 September, 2020

Bloomberg's campaign prompts Facebook to reverse its ad policy

Michael Bloomberg Is Paying Instagram Influencers To Post Dank Memes To Convince America’s Youth He’d Be A Dope President, Yo Donald Trump Called A ‘Carnival Barking Clown’ By Michael Bloomberg & Memes Go Viral
Deanna Wagner | 14 February, 2020, 23:42

The new, self-deprecating Instagram memes show fake messages between Bloomberg and the meme accounts, poking fun at the idea of him paying social influencers to ingratiate himself with young voters. Campaigns that avoid using the tool, as Bloomberg had, risk having their accounts suspended.

Politicians still won't be required to disclose how much it paid the influencers to run the posts. "We're allowing USA -based political candidates to work with creators to run this content, provided the political candidates are authorized and the creators disclose any paid partnerships through our branded content tools".

Bloomberg's campaign is offering social media influencers a fixed $150 fee to create content that "tells us why Mike Bloomberg is the electable candidate who can rise above the fray, work across the aisle so ALL Americans feel heard & respected,"The Daily Beast reported last week".

Facebook chose to allow a type of paid political message that had sidestepped numerous social network's rules governing political ads, in a reversal that highlights difficulties tech companies and regulators have in keeping up with the changing nature of paid political messages.

These rules require political ads to display who had paid for them.

The post included a doctored photo of Bloomberg looking short. Bloomberg's doctor said in December that the former mayor is actually 5 foot, 7 inches, a few inches taller than Trump's claim, according to a letter released by the campaign.

Michael Bloomberg Is Paying Instagram Influencers To Post Dank Memes To Convince America’s Youth He’d Be A Dope President, Yo
Mike Bloomberg’s Odd Meme Blitz Spurs Instagram to Require Influencers to Disclose Paid Political Content

A post by @fuckjerry, an account with nearly 15 million followers, shows an exchange where Bloomberg is shown asking, "Can you post a meme that lets everyone know I'm the cool candidate?"

One depicted him asking an influencer: "Can you make a viral meme to let the younger demographic know I'm the cool candidate?" Bloomberg wrote in one of the exchanges posted by an Instagram account with almost 15 million followers.

F (asterisk)(asterisk)(asterisk) Jerry's account then replied, "Ooof that will cost like a billion dollars".

Less than an hour after Trump's initial tweet, Bloomberg took to his own Twitter account to quote tweet Trump's words. "He divides people. I try to unite them".

Michael Bloomberg's campaign said Thursday it has invested in sponsored Instagram meme content in a new illustration of his record spending aimed at securing the Democratic presidential nomination.

Bloomberg could appear on the debate stage for the first time in Las Vegas next week, after the Democratic National Committee changed its qualifying rules to drop the requirement that a candidate must ascertain a certain number of unique donors, prompting complaints from his 2020 rivals.

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