Sunday, 05 April, 2020

China virus death toll exceeds 1600, says govt

16 shows a man who has recovered from the COVID-19 coronavirus infection donating plasma in Lianyungang in China's eastern Jiangsu province aimed at curing infected patients in severe and critical conditions. — AFP China virus death toll passes 1600, WHO warns
Gustavo Carr | 17 February, 2020, 06:58

As the death toll due to the novel coronavirus reached 1,665, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said that the deadly COVID-19 virus is still an "emergency".

These were the details of the news China virus toll reaches 1,765, says govt for this day. Trust in the government's approach to outbreaks remains fractured after the SARS epidemic of 2002 and 2003, which was covered up for months.

Wuhan on January 23 became the first city to impose an unprecedented halt on outbound transportation, a measure since expanded to other cities with a combined population of more than 60 million.

Authorities in Hubei and Wuhan faced public fury over their initial handling of the epidemic.

On Thursday, the number of new cases reported by authorities in Hubei spiked to 15,152.

The ruling Communist Party is trying to restore public confidence following complaints leaders in Wuhan suppressed information about the disease.

It was not until late January that officials said the virus could spread between humans and public alarm began to rise.

China released a speech showing President Xi Jinping was leading the national effort to contain the coronavirus nearly two weeks before he first issued public orders on the outbreak, potentially exposing him to more criticism as anger mounts over the government's initial response.

MA sues Juul, claiming ad campaign included Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network
JUUL sold more than 10,000 shipments of e-cigarettes to MA consumers without verifying the recipients' ages, the lawsuit says. JUUL also advertised on sites for high school students looking at universities, including .

Outside China, more than 500 cases have been confirmed, more than 500 cases have been confirmed, mostly of people who travelled from Chinese cities, with five deaths. Some 355 people on board have tested positive for the disease, by far the largest cluster of cases outside China. The ship, owned by Carnival Corp., has been held in the port of Yokohama and those with the disease have been taken to hospital onshore.

Other Americans left the Diamond Princess into the early hours of Monday for chartered jets that would fly them home - and into further quarantine. "People who have symptoms will not be able to get on the evacuation plane".

The 300 or so Americans flying on USA -government chartered aircraft back to the US will face another 14-day quarantine at Travis Air Force Base in California and Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

Swartz said that "at this time we do not know, and have no control over, the order in which the Japanese Ministry of Health will test guests", warning that those who have had close contact with someone positive for the virus may have to restart their quarantine, counting from the day of last contact with the virus-positive individual.

The letter added that "passengers and crew members (on board the Diamond Princess) are at high risk of exposure" to the virus and the government was therefore "chartering these flights to minimize the risks to your health going forward".

Cambodia said earlier that all 1,455 passengers on the Holland America-operated ship had tested negative for the virus.

Each evening at 1830 UTC, DW's editors send out a selection of the day's hard news and quality feature journalism. Outside mainland China, there have been about 600 infections reported in around 30 locations.

A top USA health official on Sunday said 40 Americans from the ship have become infected and would be treated in Japan.