Tuesday, 04 August, 2020

Five California evacuees test negative for coronavirus, return to Travis quarantine

Coronavirus: US evacuee mistakenly released from hospital Evacuee released from CA hospital before test confirmed coronavirus infection
Gustavo Carr | 14 February, 2020, 03:25

It was the 13th known case of the virus in the United States and the first among hundreds evacuated by the USA government from China. The CDC said the two patients were on different flights, and have had no contact. Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, had said during a news briefing Wednesday morning that the global shipments had been sent, but later in the afternoon said she was mistaken and the test kits had not been distributed to other countries.

JBSA is one of four sites across the country housing USA citizens evacuated from Hubei province in China Feb. 7 on planes chartered by the State Department.

There are 57 evacuees being held in quarantine at the Nebraska National Guard's Camp Ashland southwest of Omaha, Nebraska, none of whom have shown any signs of the virus, Nebraska Medicine spokesman Taylor Wilson said.

The patient is in isolation at a San Diego hospital.

On Feb 7 following a conversation with China's president about the outbreak, President Donald Trump tweeted that as the weather becomes warmer the virus will become weaker and die out.

The patient has been under federal quarantine since arriving in the U.S. from China on a chartered flight on February 7, the CDC said.

China Moves to Ease Mounting Anger With Reset of Virus Fight
Hubei authorities had previously only allowed infections to be confirmed by RNA tests, which can take days to process. RNA, or ribonucleic acid, carries genetic information allowing for identification of organisms like viruses.

But as part of normal procedure, state officials were doing quality control testing on the kits and several of them identified "inconclusive" lab results, she said.

Even so, Taplitz said the hospital was anticipating more cases of the illness coming into the UCSD Health system. Each kit can test 700 to 800 specimens from patients, said CDC.

It has recorded 60,063 confirmed cases and says 5,680 persons have recovered from the coronavirus.

The new numbers will likely change health officials' approaches.

However, a senior World Health Organization official said on Thursday cases of coronavirus are not rising dramatically outside China apart from passengers on a cruise liner now quarantined off a Japanese port. "Janssen is a proven partner with a flexible, rapid, vaccine platform which gives us an edge in the race to protect people in the USA and worldwide from the health security threat posed by this novel coronavirus".