Sunday, 27 September, 2020

Justin Verlander hints that he expressed opposition to Astros stealing signs

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Cary Erickson | 14 February, 2020, 22:09

Multiple members of the Astros emphatically denied ever using "buzzers" or other wearable devices to steal signs from opponents as spring training opened in West Palm Beach on Thursday.

Said Bellinger: "I don't know what human hits a walk-off home run against Aroldis Chapman to send your team to the World Series, and 1) has the thought to say, 'Don't rip my jersey off, ' but 2) go into the tunnel, change your shirt, and then come out and do your interview".

But he was met with some skepticism when he said the scheme "didn't impact the game".

Jeff Luhnow and A.J. Hinch were deposed as GM and manager by way of being fall guys.

Good at stealing signs.

While Crane might take the stance that it had no impact on the games, it did. We as a team are totally focused on moving forward to the 2020 season. Crane did nothing but spew absurdities Thursday, but this took the cake: "These are a great group of guys who did not receive proper guidance from their leaders".

It is crucial to note, that this is the exact opposite of what the Major League Baseball investigation says. They had months to figure out the best way to handle this and they apparently settled on being a real-life version of that GIF where the guy walks to the auto with a handful of things only to slip and drop them all in spectacular fashion.

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He's still openly upset at Astros players. Instead, incredibly, the league declined to punish any of the players.

"I am really sorry about the choices that were made by my team, by the organization and by me". Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman offered brief apologies in a press conference setting, while Verlander spoke to the media at his spring training locker. I have learned from this and I hope to regain the trust of baseball fans. I would also like to thank the Astros fans for all of their support.

While players from around the league have condemned the Astros for unfairly stealing signs during the 2017 season, the consensus is that most want to move on and exclusively focus on the upcoming campaign.

Altuve gave a similar, less than one-minute speech.

Altuve said: "The whole Astros organization feels bad for what happened in 2017".

The Houston Astros had PR companies across the globe pointing and laughing at them. MLB's corresponding punishments have proven there was foul play, yet assurances and any sort of apologies over recent days have been weaved into clustered promises of Houston's redemption in 2020. I think what people don't realize is Altuve stole an MVP from (Aaron) Judge in '17.

Crane also said that he is confident his players never wore electronic buzzers.