Tuesday, 18 February, 2020

Michael Avenatti has been convicted of trying to extort Nike

Avenatti walks from a courthouse in New York after facing charges in July 2019 Avenatti walks from a courthouse in New York after facing charges in July 2019
Deanna Wagner | 15 February, 2020, 02:37

The California lawyer was charged in March after he met with Nike attorneys to discuss claims by his client, a youth basketball coach, that the company bribed top players to attend colleges with Nike-sponsored teams.

"U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, issued the following statement after Michael Avenatti, the noted scumbag and left-wing-media darling who orchestrated attacks on Justice Brett Kavanaugh, was found guilty on all counts in his Nike extortion trial", the message from the Nebraska Republican's office began. The suit alleged Avenatti threatened the the sports giant with a press conference accusing Nike of corruption unless the company paid him and his co-conspirator millions of dollars. Trump, was convicted of transmission of interstate communications with intent to extort, attempted extortion and honest services wire fraud.

The defendant has been jailed in Manhattan since Jan 17, after California prosecutors said he violated bail conditions.

In 2018, the company ended its sponsorship of Franklin's program, the California Supreme.

Avenatti owed money to everyone from former clients and law partners to two ex-wives for child support and alimony, prosecutors said during the trial.

Avenatti planned to hold a press conference divulging Nike's alleged payments to the basketball recruits, prosecutors said. In exchange for keeping quiet, Avenatti told the lawyers they would have to pay him and another attorney $12 million and guarantee between $15 million and $25 million in payments for an internal investigation, they said.

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The jury of six men and six women in Manhattan didn't buy Avenatti's defense that he had merely engaged in tough negotiations on behalf of a client who wanted him to "take on" Nike.

"Michael Avenatti is a D-list attorney but a Grade-A scumbag". He even toyed with running for president.

Avenatti's legal problems may only grow.

"The verdict speaks volumes", Nike said in a statement today.

The pair fell out when Avenatti allegedly forged her signature and stole money she earned from writing her memoir, "Full Disclosure".