Thursday, 02 April, 2020

New Hampshire Primary (Feb 11)

Democratic rivals face off as Trump continues to gain momentum Iowa winners, Sanders and Buttigieg, come under attack in Democratic debate
Sandy Nunez | 11 February, 2020, 22:56

Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) or former mayor Pete Buttigieg won the caucus, with Perez himself calling for a "recanvass" of the results.

As the Washington Post reported, 176,000 people participated in the Democratic caucuses in Iowa, which means about 42,240 of the Democratic caucusgoers were 29 years old or younger.

The Nevada caucuses are a closed caucus, with the state awarding 48 delegates, of which 36 are pledged delegates allocated based on the results of the caucuses.

"There were 14 states four years ago that held caucuses".

After the new app failed to transmit the Iowa results, Nevada state Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II issued a statement saying, "confidently" that what happened in Iowa would not occur in Nevada on February 22, the date of its party caucuses.

Electoral map between Donald Trump and a generic Democrat as of 2/11/20
Electoral map between Donald Trump and a generic Democrat as of 2/11/20

This year, for the first time, the IDP released three sets of caucus night results, publishing first alignment and final alignment numbers as well as the state delegate equivalents, which historically have determined the technical victor of the Iowa caucuses.

Perez expressed his discontent with the botched Iowa caucus, the results of which remain unclear, and noted that he has supported primaries, which are administered by state election officials, over caucuses, which are run by state parties, since 2016. "Any judgment of math miscalculations would insert personal opinion into the process by individuals not at the caucus and could change the agreed upon results". "The seriousness of the record is made clear by the language at the bottom stating that any misrepresentation of the information is a crime".

Both Sanders and Buttigieg appear in strong position in New Hampshire ahead of Tuesday's primary, while Biden has conceded he expects to take a "hit" in the state.

Though other states in the presidential nominating process rely on conventional primary elections, the Iowa fiasco is a valuable reminder that while technology can allow us to do things faster and more efficiently, over-reliance on it can be risky. They fear the entire party will all too easily be branded as "socialists" if Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, becomes their candidate. Only 55 required updating, it said. The mistakes addressed some minor reporting errors, but the bigger issue is that the mathematical worksheets used to convert votes into delegates at some precincts contain other apparent errors. Several caucus chairs said in interviews that not all caucusgoers had turned in their preference cards.

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