Sunday, 05 April, 2020

Pangolins (anteaters) may have spread coronavirus to humans: Chinese scientists

Pangolins are the world's only scaly mammal. Image Getty Pangolins are the world's only scaly mammal. Image Getty
Sandy Nunez | 12 February, 2020, 01:52

Effects confirmed that pangolins are a possible intermediate host of the unconventional coronavirus, Liu mentioned, including that the learn about will toughen the prevention and regulate of the epidemic, in addition to be offering medical reference for insurance policies on wild animals. This suggested an intermediate host, and some studies had proposed various candidates such as snakes.

Infectious disease expert Dr. Ian Lipkin told CBS News on Wednesday that similar viruses will continue to pop up "every couple of years" as long as the so-called wet markets selling a multitude of animal species remain in business.

Experts believe that the coronavirus scare will also lead to decline in poaching and trafficking of wildlife in Nepal, which is on the traditional route for trafficking of endangered species from India to China and has flourished as a transit hub for smuggling of pangolin scales, rhino horns, tiger and leopard skin and elephant tusks. Illegal trafficking of pangolins is in widespread for their meat, scales and traditional Chinese medicine.

The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), that is originally believed to have originated from the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, affects the respiratory tract of the infected person.

Coronavirus spread from China has knocked all over the world.

A pangolin looks like a scaly anteater. It's unclear if pangolins were being sold at the wildlife market in Wuhan at that time.

Other researchers previously said in two studies in the acclaimed journal Nature that bats likely sparked the outbreak.


"Pangolins are potential intermediate hosts, but there may be multiple intermediate hosts", Shen said.

A greater horseshoe bat, a relative of those Rhinolophis sinicus bat species out of China which was the source of the SARS virus.

Birds and animals are within the centre of the talk about how the virus originated.

"So our activity is to search out the intermediate host that "bridges" bats and folks", he mentioned, including that there are typically a couple of intermediate hosts, and pangolins could also be simply certainly one of them.

"It is highly probable that potential SARS- or MERS-like coronavirus outbreaks will probably arise from bats, and there's an increased likelihood that this will happen in China", the investigators wrote.

That is because almost all coronaviruses are located in China. "Additionally, the study authors stated, the majority of the bats that sponsor coronaviruses" reside near people in China, possibly transmitting viruses to people and livestock".

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