Sunday, 05 April, 2020

Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip Sure Does Look Fragile In This Durability Test

Feeling Rich Enough? You Can Now Order Your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip For Rs 109999 The Galaxy Z Flip’s Ultra Thin ‘Glass’ display scratches as easily as plastic
Cecil Davis | 17 February, 2020, 10:50

Samsung, which was among the firsts to launch a foldable smartphone in the market, seems to double down on the same. It did not share any pricing information about its much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

While the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra may be the best choice for the discerning mobile photographer and videographer, the $1399 price tag may lead most of use to consider the more sensibly priced Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+, all you'd miss is a higher megapixel main camera, more zoom-range, a slightly larger display and a bigger battery, right?

Samsung took the wraps off its Galaxy S20 flagship series in San Francisco earlier this week.

In the video demonstration above, Nelson subjects the Galaxy Z Flip's screen to a series of increasingly hard picks from Mohs' Hardness Test Kit, which distressingly begins to show scratches and indentations in the display from the second level onwards.

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"Meet the first-ever folding glass screen on a Galaxy".

This means that you can even scratch the display with your own fingernail, which probably isn't what you would be expecting from a device that is marketed as having a glass display. We couldn't find any other reports of Galaxy Z Flip breaking or causing problems. Perhaps Samsung should have explained clearly that the Ultra-Thin-Glass does have a plastic layer on top to avoid confusion.

The Verge got in touch with Samsung looking for a response to which a spokesperson said, "Samsung's first-of-its-kind UTG technology is different from other Galaxy flagship devices". Hence, Zack believes that Samsung shouldn't labelled Galaxy Z Flip's display as "glass screen" and could lead consumers to believe that the screen is as durable as real glass. We don't have any information from Samsung yet. It'll also be launching a program soon for a free screen protector that "will be applied by a specialist with the proper equipment to align and apply it". Furthermore, Samsung has implemented additional improvements to the hinge design which should also improve durability and keep most dust and debris intake at bay. It will. Z Flip buyers can get a one-time screen replacement for $119, Samsung says.

Editor's Note: The Galaxy Z Flip does not now having a confirmed release date or local Australian pricing.