Saturday, 08 August, 2020

Troops enjoy Baghdad's first snow in a decade

Iraq sees snow in Baghdad for first time in over a decade Baghdad covered in snow for second time this century
Deanna Wagner | 13 February, 2020, 23:24

Many Iraqis used their mobile phones and cameras to take pictures to document this rare phenomenon, while the school children collected snowballs from the remaining snow on trees and cars and tossed them on each other, some school children drew hearts, smiles and some signs on the vehicle shields covered with snow.

Pictures and videos show young people enjoying snowball fights, and photoshoots, while some residents used the rare opportunity to make snowmen. Iraqis of all ages said it was the first time they had ever seen snowfall in Baghdad.

"I woke up at dawn, and I was surprised to see the snow covering the whole garden and my vehicle, then I woke up my wife and two children who dashed to see the incredible view", Rawad Hassan, 35, told the Xinhua News Agency. The last time Baghdad had snowfall was in 2008, although the flakes quickly turned to slush before melting soon afterward.

Cold weather in Baghdad is not common and winters remain on the milder side only.

Iraq has been hit by a succession of extreme weather events in recent years. The following year, however, heavy rains caused flooding and catastrophic damage to homes and arable farming.

Blistering temperature level levels then struck the north triggering wildfires and scorching crops.

Novel coronavirus to be called COVID-19
Moves by Washington and other countries to curb visitors from China have offended Beijing , which says they are an over-reaction. The online newspaper VN Express cited a senior official of Vinh Phuc province as reporting an increase in cases in Son Loi.

As a result of the successive conflicts that began in the?80s, Iraq lacks the means to face climate change, among them desertification, which threatens to eliminate what little productive soil there is.

"Snowfall may continue until Wednesday given the very cold weather".

Another posted an idyllic picture of his village, where two men sat around a fire for warmth from the snow.

On Tuesday morning, Iraq's capital woke up to an unusual scene; a cold wave from Europe sprinkled snow all over Baghdad, marking the first time for the city to witness snow in over a decade.

The average low temperature in the Saudi capital is 11 degrees Celsius this time of the year.