Saturday, 08 August, 2020

USA spy satellite being followed by a pair of Russian satellites

2 Russian spacecraft are reportedly trailing a US spy satellite and could create a 'dangerous situation in space' Raymond calls out Russia for 'threatening behavior' in outer space
Sandy Nunez | 13 February, 2020, 21:52

The Space Force was established in December and is the sixth formal branch of the US military, along with the army, air force, navy, marines, and coastguard.

Russian spacecraft are trailing a US satellite used to spy on other countries, according to the commander of the US Space Force. reported that SpaceForce would receive $15.4 billion from that funding and begin with 6,400 members that will be transferring from the Air Force.

"We view this behavior as unusual and disturbing", Raymond said.

General Raymond told TIME that there are two mysterious Russian satellites that are stalking a US spy satellite. He believes that it can create in space "potentially hazardous situation".

'The United States finds these recent activities to be concerning and do not reflect the behavior of a responsible spacefaring nation'.

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In November, Russia launched "a satellite that subsequently released a second satellite", and the pair have been behaving similarly to a set that Russia previously labeled "inspector satellites", Raymond said. Some analysts and satellite watchers have suggested the sub-satellite "inspector" was chasing U.S. 245, a classified imaging satellite owned by the National Reconnaissance Office.

Russian Federation launched a satellite named Kosmos 2542 in November 2019. Russian Federation launched this satellite on 25 November 20-19, as shown by Space-Track. From the middle of January, Kosmos 2542 and Kosmos 2543 had transferred in orbit and were closing in about U.S. 245.

Amateur satellite tracker Michael Thompson speculated on the peculiar movements of Cosmos 2542 and Cosmos 2543 on Twitter, using publicly available data. Soon, the Russian satellites were within 200 miles of the USA spy spacecraft, close enough to make visual contact and examine the satellite. He said the Russian government had characterized those as "inspector satellites".

Prior to the Kosmos launch, the Russian Defense Minister announced the satellite would be used to inspect other spacecraft, but it was presumed it would be checking other Russian space hardware and not US spy satellites. Cosmos 2542 "probably only was close to United States of America 245 for a few days at most before 245 made a maneuver to start to drift away".

The Time reported that the confrontation marks the first time that the United States military publicly identifies a direct threat to a specific USA satellite by an adversary.