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Verstappen says Red Bull must be 'competitive from the start' in 2020

Red Bull first on track Red Bull first on track
Cary Erickson | 14 February, 2020, 16:10

But none of those came before round nine of the season, and the Dutchman has warned that Red Bull can't afford another slow start in 2020 if they are to be in the hunt for this year's titles. Max Verstappen was behind the wheel to put the first miles on the vehicle and check for any issues, with the team limited to a maximum of 100km on promotional tires under filming day regulations.

He said: "It has been quite a while since I have been in an F1 vehicle so it is always good to be back".

No more "Camo-Bull" action for Formula 1 fans this year, as Red Bull made a decision to unveil its second Honda-powered race auto in its traditional colors, ahead of its first shakedown test at Silverstone today.

"Once you fire up it is like normal procedure again when you go out, but it is interesting to feel the new vehicle, with a new engine again so luckily everything went very smoothly".

Red Bull’s RB16 breaks cover ahead of shakedown
Red Bull reveal their 2020 car with revolutionary new nose

He told "The target for the whole team is to fight for the championship and do better than past year, and be there from the first race onwards, because that's really where you have to start performing. Obviously, it's a filming day but it's still exciting - and I'm really looking forward to driving the auto once winter testing begins", he concluded.

Red Bull principal Horner believes the grid has moved closer together for 2020, so the prospect of a record 22 races, if the Chinese GP is successfully rescheduled of course, is actually "exciting".

Red Bull released a rendered image of its new vehicle, dubbed the RB16, before Max Verstappen took the auto out for its first laps. Once you fire up, it's the normal procedure of how you go out, but it's always interesting to feel the new auto, the new engine.

Teammate Alex Albon will have to wait until Barcelona to get his first taste of the RB16, but he too was enthusiastic based on what Verstappen was saying.

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