Tuesday, 24 November, 2020

Apple Offers Free Books and Audiobooks to US Users

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Cecil Davis | 25 March, 2020, 11:15

While everyone is practicing social distancing and is trying to stay at home, every big tech organisations are trying their best to keep their users entertained and help them pass their time.

It is most likely due to the quarantine time that people are passing at home because of the coronavirus outbreak.

So far, it appears that Apple's free books offer is only available to customers in the U.S. It is possible that, in the coming days, it rolls out the offer elsewhere in the world, however.

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Apple also didn't say how long these books will remain free, so you may want to check out the sale in the Books app as soon as you can.

Is Apple providing Apple Books free in other countries as well?

If you tap the notification, Apple will open the Free Books section in the Apple Books app. Apple also said, "Discover free books, reading for kids, mysterious topics and audiobooks for the whole family." says. At the top you can swipe to see featured collections. You can browse through several books from various genres, explore a wide selection of audiobooks, or select a new book from Apple's "First in a Series, Free" tab. If you can not find it, wait for Apple Inc to provide the service in your country.