Friday, 05 June, 2020

Apple resume AirPower wireless charging mat project

AirPower Mat By Andy Meek @aemeek March 23rd 2020 at 8:07 PM
Cecil Davis | 26 March, 2020, 13:08

Apple officially canceled its AirPower wireless charging mat nearly a year ago, but according reports, the company has resumed development of AirPower internally. However, he doesn't seem to guarantee that the company will finalize and release the accessory. Ultimately, Apple couldn't make it work properly.

Apparently, Apple is now trying to "redesign the coils to displace heat more effectively", and prototyping is said to be underway. The company also debuted new Apple-certified charging pads by partners Mophie and Belkin, but it was the AirPower that got most people excited, since it promised to charge up to three devices at once - an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and a set of AirPods - simultaneously while also providing charging status across all of the devices. Prosser claims that Apple engineers are attempting to redesign the mat's charging coils to displace heat more effectively, adding that prototyping is underway. Since it would be a part of the Apple ecosystem, it will be well integrated with all the devices it is connected to, showing the battery percentage of each device it is charging on the iPhone's lock screen.

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One of the things that was so unusual when Apple's senior vice president of hardware engineering, Dan Riccio, confirmed past year that the AirPower project was officially rejected was that, although product delays are somewhat common for the iPhone maker, it is rare to see Apple announce and then scrap a product entirely. All the user had to do was simply place the device on the mat, and it would start charging.

Apple pegged a release for AirPower sometime in 2018, but as that year drew to a close without even a single mention of the product, it was clear that AirPower was in trouble. There's no telling when it'll be fully developed and launch, but at least we now have a tiny ray of hope. While Apple never officially clarified on why it didn't meet the standards, there's a reason why the product didn't come through.